I remember the events that have lead to the Chillcott enquiry.

Sadam Hussein the dictator of Iraq, had made world headlines my using Chemical warfare on the Iraqi Kurds and killed whole villages of men, women and children. I remember seeing videos of the village streets scattered with dead bodies.

In Iraq chemical weapons were being used to eradicate dissenters to a particular regime, and it was very scary. These were weapons on mass destruction,or WMD’s that could be put in ICBM rockets and delivered anywhere in the world.

The Americans were particularly concerned that they could be targeted or so they said. It also happened at the time that Sadam Hussein was trying to establish a union of Arab states so as to control the world’s major  oil reserves. This would have given him great power over the West.

The USA wanted to invade and capture the WMDs and get rid of Sadam but it would have been an unprovoked aggression against a soverein state, and the UN was opposed to it. Therefore the USA persuaded it’s allies to support such an invasion by committing ground troops to the action.

For some time there was argument as to whether these WMD’s really existed.  The debate on the existence of WMDs continued for about three months.   We saw through internet sources three American generals witness to the fact that they were being moved to Syria and that Sadam was stalling for time whilst the WNDs were being moved.  Both the UK and Australia were persuaded by Presiden George W Bush that these weapons did exist and invasion of Iraq was urgent.  CIA evidence was daily coming in in order to persuade that there must be an invasion before the weapons were used on the West and any invasion the West mounted.

Of course by the time the invasion had succeeded the WMDs had been moved and the civil war in Syria had erupted preventing any search for the WMDs in that country. The media’s conclusion has been drawn that the weapons never existed and that the invasion if Iraq was unjustified.  Tony Blair and John Howard were pressured as friends of the USA, to support the invasion and they did so on misleading intelligence.

So to now rehash with a purpose to blame, is very unfair. I believe it’s a ploy of the  Globalist movement to destabilise Western governments. This destabilising of Western (Christian) countries is an ongoing agenda by the Globalist movement since they have gotten control of the media.  Christianity and Judaism are the main enemies of Globalisation and subsequently it’s main enemy.

With the extension of the internet and alternative sources of information, the masses are seeing the Globalist intent.  President Obama has used executive power so excessively to bypass democratic process that the populace of the USA see what is in train and are wanting to get their country back from the power grabbers. This is what we are witnessing all over the Western world.






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