The Past is Gone

I loved the 1950’s when I arrived in AUS from UK. Days when you could fix your own car and buy only if you had the cash.  (Dont misunderstnd me, I use credit but it is a trap for many; lenders and borrowers.) A time when a man sought a girl to love and protect; with his life if need be. When a girl loved her bloke and presumably felt complete in him; “Warts and all”. Christianity may have been a bit shallow but the Bible did set a cultural standard.  A time when we rode legally in the back of Uncle Johns ute to go to the drive in movies; it was probably a little unsafe but he drove accordingly.

Modern, 2016 life, has robbed us of many things.  Gender Equality is a fashionable term these days. Equal pay is a reasonable expectation. But how do people that are basically different, do things the same. Surely an employer pays for what he values. That said I know some employers are greedy. You can not legislate such things. Take female sport for instance; female cricketers  want the same pay rate as for males. But if twice as many people pay to watch males, that cannot be justified. Why do people watch more males play sport? Because it equates to war. There is  a carnal blood lust in most people. In  Christian cultures that is denied for a higher life. There is not the same stimulus from watching women fighting. In fact it reduces the attraction from a male viewpoint and I think males are more oriented toward sport than females. The more spectators the more the pay. Simple economics!

The greatest enemy to women has been the ‘gender equality’ push. The majority of men that love a woman want to protect her and provide for her. When he works hard for his pay, he shows his love by ‘spoiling’ her with some gift or pleasure. These days with her earning, some of the family income is her money as well so she has a say regarding how it is spent. He is no longer the decision maker.  He is denied the pleasure of blessing his wife!

Men traditionally settle dusputes with violence. This is why we have wars! Many men who are not leaders in their own homes,  become frustrated and tend to violence. A ‘womens libber’ for a wife exacerbates his frustration. I am not excusing anviolence toward such a wife, I am simply explaining where it comes from. A contented man loves his wife and does not get drunk and beat her. There is no legislation that can stop this. It starts in training to young boys and girls about the different roles and mutual respect.

Of course sex is a very strong driving force in men. That is the survival of the species! In most women its only strong till they have children. A real man will only enjoy sex when his woman cooperates enthusiastically. I can never understand rape. What pleasure can a man get when he is resisted during sex?  I would imagine nothing but guilt.

I would guess that most domestic violence is caused by words. I cannot imagine a man abusing his wife without verbal provocation.  Obviously there are exceptions to every generalisation.

I do think the current emphasis on wife abuse is causing more harm than good. Injustice stirs an emotion if anger and resentment. Women who are in good marriages, are tending to be anti male. They think every male is a rotter! Many men are tending to pull back from leadership for fear of being branded misogenous. Politicians are are calling for equal resentation in politics; I believe its in hope of getting the womens vote.  Men ‘per se’, are born to lead, women are born to be a helper of her husband.  There are exceptions in every generality and the world has seen some very effective women as leaders with obvious giftings to lead.  The Bible tells us  Moses learned that there are levels of leadership, ” … rulers of thousands, rulers of hundreds, rulers of fifties and rulers of tens.” (Ex. 18:25)   A man or woman can be promoted in leadership above their level of competence.  If he is not proven in small things how can he take responsibility for greater?

The so called ‘feminist’ movement is causing divisionin in the community at a foundational level, the relationship between man and wife. Anything divisive in community I consider satanic.  The media is giving this subject as much time as international migration (refugees).   God calls for peace, harmony and cooperation.

I believe in justice, but gender equality seems impractical. When I worked in engineering we had women apply for jobs in the foundry.  Many castings were over 30 kilos in weight and had to be dragged around the shop while still hot to clear the floor. The shop super would show the girls this job so they knew what was required.  If they still wanted to try, this was where they started. They complained they were being targeted but the super argued if you limit your capacity you can’t expect the same pay. To get the same pay you have to be able to do the same work.

The past is gone in our four dimensional existence.  Will it ever return?  I dont think so. Anyway the past was not perfect. Let us press forward to that which is perfect. It is outlined in 1st Corinthians 13:4-8.



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