For Every Effect there is a Cause

In this world of very great change there is always a cause for change and there is usually an effect of that change. This blog endeavors to suggest some of the causes to the changes that we are experiencing.

For instance the political world is endeavouring to suggest that some changes apparent in the worlds climate is the result of industrialisation. Despite evidence from both side of the debate the political world is pressing forward with the issue as a major reason for one world government eclipsing all national sovereignty.

In other words their is a persuasion existing among some leaders in our world that unless we have one body controlling all the people and resources we will destroy our planet making it unable to sustain human life.

This ‘body’ of people who are generally unknown, think they are the only ones with enough intelligence and wisdom to run everything and direct our lives. The one thing these people have in common is that they don’t believe in the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob or Jesus Christ as the saviour of mankind. The only ‘god’ they believe in is humanity itself. The ironic part is that they are accused of worshiping the antithesis of God in Lucifer.

The leaders of this movement are starting to come into clearer focus in the governments of the world, particularly the developed nations, that is nations  that have previously been known as strongholds of faith in Jesus Christ.

Let me add this observation.  One hundred years ago we were in the middle of World War One, in that hundred years the League of Nations fell apart and the United Nations has become the focus of mans endeavour to stop wars.  Since the end of WW2 the UN has bought many resolutions to stop conflict.  Ninety percent of those resolutions have been against one of the smallest nations on Earth; Israel!  A nation of seven million in a world of over seven billion! Is this an example of mans wisdom and intelligence?

The Bible has been man’s manual for behaviour and success for nearly two thousand years but it seems, this persuasion of OWG has come upon this generation that many believe is the last generation, before the world itself undergoes some dramatic changes as prophesied in the Bible. This blog will endeavour to put some biblical wisdom to that and other subjects the ‘movement’ is endeavouring to impose on the whole population of the world without it’s consent.


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